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Building for the Future

A ‘Hunter Valley Authority’ to Secure Our Region’s Prosperity

The Hunter Region is facing significant structural economic change over coming decades as a result of domestic and global changes in energy production.

This discussion paper seeks to describe the Hunter Jobs Alliance’s perspective on how the region can best tackle these challenges. In our view, the evidence points to a durable, independent statutory authority, auspiced under the NSW Government, as the best vehicle for delivering for the people of the Hunter.

This paper seeks to describe design principles and core functions for what we describe as a ‘Hunter Valley Authority’. This includes considering specific activities, examples, and coordination and interaction with existing programs. We offer this paper as one constructive contribution to the public discussion, in the hope it informs the development of policy aimed at preparing the Hunter for the future.

Published June 2021.

A TAFE New Industries Training Centre for the Hunter

Briefing Note: January 2022

2021 was a turning point for the realisation of renewable energy and clean manufacturing as economic anchors for the future prosperity of New South Wales.

The runaway growth of renewables; decarbonisation investments in industries such as aluminium, steel and ammonia; the foundations of new sectors such as green hydrogen and battery manufacturing; and an enabling state policy environment have flipped the switch from aspiration to reality.

While it is early days, there is a generational opportunity to lock in NSW’s place as a global leader in clean energy and manufacturing.

Just Transition Investment & the Hunter Valley

Establishing a Model Region.

As some investors move for the exits or accelerate strategy to address (well founded) climate risk, many regional communities with high dependence on affected sectors are left to carry the can of economic change.

While governments bear chief responsibility, recent work in the investment community has established a clear link between asset managers’ fiduciary interests, and the incorporation of ‘just transition’ principles into investor behaviour and decision making.

Recommendations suggest establishing dialogue and collaborative mechanisms between investors, workers, regional stakeholders and government; and identifying and delivering activities that are practically effective and measurable in terms of just transition benchmarks.

Published July 2022.

No Regrets

Planning for Economic Change in the Hunter

It is time for a more honest, common sense discussion on change in the Hunter’s economy.

The Hunter Jobs Alliance has developed this discussion paper in the spirit of collaboration, and in recognition of the need for clear, specific proposals.

The paper summarises extensive research and local experience to draw conclusions on what is required to deliver a “no regrets” approach.

The Hunter Jobs Alliance looks forward to engaging with the local community, workers, government and business to further develop these proposals to meet the needs of the Hunter community, and to secure our future as a prosperous and sustainable region.

Published March 2021.

Sustainable Industrial Jobs In The Hunter

Aluminium Manufacturing and Australia’s Energy Advantage

The Hunter Jobs Alliance with the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union commissioned this report from The Centre for Future Work.

It details the contribution Tomago Aluminium makes to the Hunter economy, and recommends government action to drive investments in renewable energy and storage to support the long term future of aluminium production.

The modelling reveals the scale of Tomago Aluminium smelter’s contribution to the Hunter, NSW and Australian economies, injecting 6000 jobs and $1.2 billion into the economy.

Published March 2022.

Future-Proofing the Hunter

Voices from our community

The report is the result of a series of workshops and online survey canvassing the views of people across the Hunter region from all walks of life and reveals deep and wide awareness of the challenge of coal’s uncertain future, and readiness to participate in planning for the region’s future.

The process found people understand the challenges facing the Hunter region and want planning and action to address these challenges that are equitable and community-driven. They are ready and willing to take part in the work of the Hunter Expert Panel and Royalties for Rejuvenation program.

The feedback is abundantly clear. This process and report demonstrate people’s desire to have a seat at the table to collaboratively plan for the region’s future.

Published November 2021.

Manufacturing Jobs in the Hunter, 2011 – 2021

Briefing Note: August 2021

The ABS releases quarterly industry job numbers for Australia’s 87 labour market (‘SA4’) regions. May 2021 data, released in late July, has been analysed by the Hunter Jobs Alliance. Comparisons have been made over time and between regions to identify trends affecting Newcastle and the Hunter.